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"Kelly, thank you so much for working on my belly! I can’t believe how much better I felt so quickly! Before you worked on me, I was so bloated I couldn’t even breathe. My belly button had popped and I was very uncomfortable but you made it go away. Thanks for all the tips and education you provide, you’ve made a big difference in my everyday life!" 



“Kelly has been the best physical therapist during my pregnancy! She is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her profession. Her guidance has taught me breathing techniques, stretches and exercises that are helping feel my best during my pregnancy. She’s always available and willing to help you in any way she can. You are in the best of hands! Maintaining my flexibility and strength throughout my pregnancy is really important to me and she showed me the safest ways to do so. I highly recommend her! Thank you, Belly Whisperer!

-Shanny Kay


"As a yoga teacher I was used to being able to regularly teach and take yoga classes until I became injured to the point where I couldn't even do a simple child's pose. Kelly was able to quickly assess my injury accurately and correct my body so that I began to heal during my first session with her. I feel stronger than ever and I am back at my daily yoga practice. Whenever I have a session with Kelly, it leaves me feeling strong, energized and happy. Seeing Kelly is the best part of my week. An additional benefit I have discovered while working with Kelly is that she specializes in pre and postnatal care. I feel that she has helped improve my fertility through her treatment and I am more confident about the task of having a baby, as I know Kelly will be there to help support me all the way through that journey. I am forever grateful for Kelly, she is so talented, knowledgeable and has such a wonderful bright healing light!"